Wednesday, September 29, 2010

St. Mary's Day 2 was a Great Learning Experience

St Mary's week 2 was a great learning experience.

Today at St. Mary's was a lot of fun with pirate theme week. We had some of our classmates dress up and use props for games that they were teaching to the children. I played with the pre- k group on the playground, then we went into the classroom and had snack. After snack we went into the gym and we played and taught our games to the pre-k group. They had a blast and really enjoyed playing. One learning experience that i would definitely take away from week 2 is that you cannot take anything for granted. You simply cannot assume that a young child has learned simple fine or gross motor skills, you really have to get basic when you explain how to move in your games and really give clear cut directions on how to play various games especially with the younger groups of children. All in all for this week, i had alot of fun and i really feel that the children really had a blast playing games with us, they were all cooperative and everyone was willing to participate in our activities and games. I really saw a lot of enthusiasm from the students as well as our classmates in all the activities and the games.

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