Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Merry Christmas and Farewell St. Mary's


Christmas Lab at St. Mary's (lab 6)        

Today was a lot of fun but also sad at the same time. I had fun playing games with the children all semester long and teaching them games and also learning myself how to grow and become a better physical educator in the future. It was sad because this was our last lab for the semester and i had so much fun playing with he kids. I felt that i grew a lot this semester in lab, i learned how to project my voice in the gymnasium, as well as learning the students names and even learning how to minimize my directions to make it short and simple so the children could have more time playing the games instead of listening to me speak the entire time. I feel more confident now than i did when i started the lab at St. Mary's and i am excited to move on and begin my next level of teaching in field experience that will allow me to be one step further in maintaining my goal of becoming a proficient physical educaton. This lab helped me also to become more confident in the games i was teaching as well as interacting with the children of all ages. There were some trials and tribulations in the labs also, everything was not all peachy, there were some snags that went along with the lab. However i feel that you cannot truly grow without these bumps in the road once in a while, as the Rocky quote goes " I know your going to have to go through hell.....but in the end.....i know youll be the one standing."