Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween St. Mary's (Halloween lab 4)!!!!!


Today was a great time at St. Mary's, i was able to observe my peers teaching and watching the children participate in a variety of games. I found that many of the students felt that they could have used more variations in their games that they were teaching, all in all most people thought that their game went well and that the children understood their directions. Some teaching techniques that i observed was that many students used loud and clear voices when they presented their games, and Bree even mentioned that she had used a whistle and it really drew the children at St. Mary's attention. The use of the wistle really made the students more attentive and willing to participate. I was able to teach a Halloween song to the students and they really had a lot of fun with that as well as close the lab today with a "Happy Halloween St. Mary's" cheer. I was able to play with the children in the gymnasium, i was giving rides on the scooters, and all of the children thought that was great, i have to say, my arms are pretty tired though pulling them around. All in all lab today went really well and like always, i as well as the children had a blast with today's lab. I felt that all of our students who taught games and presented an activity did very well and had a lot of fun.

St. Mary's Halloween Lab (lab 4)

Interviews: This week at St. Mary's i had the pleasure of observing my fellow lab classmates when they were teaching their games to the children and was able to observe the delighted reactions from the children.

How do you think your game went?

Bree: "I thought it went well, they listened and had fun, everyone was enthused and it was a good way to release the built up energy."
Ian: " I thought it went well, happy with how the children participated."

What could you do to improve your game?

Bree: "more variations, instead of just putting more and more balls into the game i could mix it up with different variations."
Ian: " I could be louder, and i could have waited longer for the children to be settled down and quiet before playing instead of just jumping into the game."

What teaching techniques did you use in your game?

Bree: " The whistle worked really well, it got all the children to be quiet and settled before playing the game."
Ian: " Tried to be loud, i lowered to their level by getting down on one knee and speaking to them in their terms."

Thursday, October 21, 2010

St. Mary's SUPERHEROES!!!!!!! (lab 3)


We are all Superheroes to somebody!!!!

Week three at St. Mary's was a huge sucess. I have to be honest, i felt a little wierd dressing up, lets just say it was out of my comfort zone walking down the street with my makeshift superman cape on. However once i entered the school, i felt like i was on cloud nine, all the children were so excited and thrilled that we were all dressed up. Many of the students were calling me all sorts of superhero names and loved my shiny red cape. I was able to talk and interact with the students through my use of costume, they were much more participant and excited to play my games being that i was dressed up and got down to their level by doing so. I was able to talk to some of the older students who were in the cafeteria group about their involvement in Pop Warner football, once i was talking about football, they could relate and i was able to talk to 4 or 5 students and get them to warm up to the activities that we were playing. I thought the games that we taught in our group went over very well and all the children had fun. They were much better understanding directions than the younger children which made the games flow more smoothly. I was able to fully explain the directions and play my game with the students, everyone participated and had fun while getting exercise in the process. Things that i found out that i could improve on however were my communication skills, by projecting my voice more loudly and clearly for the students. I also could maybee make my directions more short and to the point rather than trying to hard to explain them. I found out that the more i went on with directions the more aggitated and rambunctious they became. I eventually settled them down to finish what i had to say and play the game. For next time i have to be more precise. All in all i had a blast, like always, hanging out playing games with the children at St. Mary's and i feel that the children had just as much fun and the dressing up in costumes definitely set the mood for the afternoon.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Great Debate!!!!!

I really enjoyed our project for the great debate. I was in the Physical Education Lifetime Fitness group, who were debating against the sticks in sports group and the non- sticks in sports group. We all had our videos, skits and power points to prove our points and make our oppinions more believable to the other groups. I really enjoyed the skit that i performed with Ian White as two joggers who were describing how lifetime fitness is so important for children in schools especially the younger children, to know how important lifetime fitness is for your overall health. Lifetime fitness involves staying active outside of the classroom and most importantly for the rest of your lifetime. I believe that sticks in sports for young children has both its advantages as well as disadvantages, however i feel that it is even more important to stress on activities that allow you to participate no matter how old you become. For example football, which is not a lifetime sport, most people participate in through college and then quit the sport because eventually it takes a toll on your body, and people who become older with age cannot play the sport anymore. However for lifetime fitness activities, like running and weights, people can participate no matter how old they become, these sports have no limits or physical barriers that prevent someone from participating in if they become older. Overall i really enjoyed voicing my oppinion for the belief that lifetime sports should be emphacized for children of an earlier age so they will be proficient in those activities throuought their lifetime.

Day 1 included our groups argument that we  believed that lifetime sports should be emphasiced with young children who are in school so that they can become proficient at these lifetime skills when they are out of school and on their own, they can perform these sports and activities on their own throuought their life.

Day 2 included the rebuttles, we each gave our final stand on how our group as well as the other groups felt about the arguments that we all had made, this was one final statement to get our point across and to pursuede members of the board that lifetime sports is very important to teach in a ciriculum.

Day 3 included the decision from the school board. I thought that our group had a strong chance of winning the debate and really felt that our group was going to win the debate, however the school board sided with all three of the groups and felt that all three groups had positive things to offer the cirriculum.