Monday, August 30, 2010

first official day as a red dragon

Wow.....i dont even know where to first class at suny cortland was approaching and i wont lie...i was pretty nervous. There are so many more students at cortland and the campus is much larger than HVCC, where i transfered here from. I got to class and professor Yang walked in. I was really nervous about the class already...motor development.....just the name of the class sounds like it was going to be a major challenge. Professor Yang seems like a really cool guy....he made me feel better about the class when it was done. He showed us around the park center.....where most of my classes will be....being a physical education major so i was happy about that. He in particular showed us where we were many of his classes are going to be held. When it was all said and done....i feel much better about the class and i cannot wait to interact with different people in motor development.