Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Great Debate!!!!!

I really enjoyed our project for the great debate. I was in the Physical Education Lifetime Fitness group, who were debating against the sticks in sports group and the non- sticks in sports group. We all had our videos, skits and power points to prove our points and make our oppinions more believable to the other groups. I really enjoyed the skit that i performed with Ian White as two joggers who were describing how lifetime fitness is so important for children in schools especially the younger children, to know how important lifetime fitness is for your overall health. Lifetime fitness involves staying active outside of the classroom and most importantly for the rest of your lifetime. I believe that sticks in sports for young children has both its advantages as well as disadvantages, however i feel that it is even more important to stress on activities that allow you to participate no matter how old you become. For example football, which is not a lifetime sport, most people participate in through college and then quit the sport because eventually it takes a toll on your body, and people who become older with age cannot play the sport anymore. However for lifetime fitness activities, like running and weights, people can participate no matter how old they become, these sports have no limits or physical barriers that prevent someone from participating in if they become older. Overall i really enjoyed voicing my oppinion for the belief that lifetime sports should be emphacized for children of an earlier age so they will be proficient in those activities throuought their lifetime.

Day 1 included our groups argument that we  believed that lifetime sports should be emphasiced with young children who are in school so that they can become proficient at these lifetime skills when they are out of school and on their own, they can perform these sports and activities on their own throuought their life.

Day 2 included the rebuttles, we each gave our final stand on how our group as well as the other groups felt about the arguments that we all had made, this was one final statement to get our point across and to pursuede members of the board that lifetime sports is very important to teach in a ciriculum.

Day 3 included the decision from the school board. I thought that our group had a strong chance of winning the debate and really felt that our group was going to win the debate, however the school board sided with all three of the groups and felt that all three groups had positive things to offer the cirriculum.   

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