Friday, September 24, 2010

Hall of Shame Games!!!!

I love to play games like dodgeball and tag just having fun, however i feel that these two games can be negative for physical education classes. I feel that tag is a great game to get you running around and active, but tag is a hall of shame game because in a traditional game of tag, once you are tagged, you are out of the game, so for the slow children or the less fit children, they are of course going to be tagged first and out of the game so they are the ones that are just sitting around the whole class. Tag can have negative aspects on self esteem for these children, dodgeball can have the same effects, once you are pegged, you are out of the game. Dodgeball can also be dangerous if someone were to get hit in the face. There can be some alternatives to these games though that would make them acceptable. For the game of tag, you could have the children that are tagged to run in place untill a non- tagged person slapps your hand, or somthing putting you back in the game, or have them do jumping jacks untill they are put back in the game. For dodgeball, you could have softer balls to play with, or make a rule that you have to aim below the shoulders, or else the person throwing the ball is out.

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