Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Merry Christmas and Farewell St. Mary's


Christmas Lab at St. Mary's (lab 6)        

Today was a lot of fun but also sad at the same time. I had fun playing games with the children all semester long and teaching them games and also learning myself how to grow and become a better physical educator in the future. It was sad because this was our last lab for the semester and i had so much fun playing with he kids. I felt that i grew a lot this semester in lab, i learned how to project my voice in the gymnasium, as well as learning the students names and even learning how to minimize my directions to make it short and simple so the children could have more time playing the games instead of listening to me speak the entire time. I feel more confident now than i did when i started the lab at St. Mary's and i am excited to move on and begin my next level of teaching in field experience that will allow me to be one step further in maintaining my goal of becoming a proficient physical educaton. This lab helped me also to become more confident in the games i was teaching as well as interacting with the children of all ages. There were some trials and tribulations in the labs also, everything was not all peachy, there were some snags that went along with the lab. However i feel that you cannot truly grow without these bumps in the road once in a while, as the Rocky quote goes " I know your going to have to go through hell.....but in the end.....i know youll be the one standing."

Friday, November 19, 2010

St. Mary's "Turkey Day" Lab 5


Today's lab i thought went a whole lot better than i was expecting. I honestly was so nervous to teach in front of the children in the gymnasium, thoughts that they were going to be out of control, or teaching the gymnasium group was going to be too overwhelming, were circling around in my head all day. Even though i have taught groups in the gymnasium in the past such as my elementary and secondary games class, it had felt as if it was my first time teaching a class. I was however surprised to find out that my game went smooth for the most part, the children liked the game and were much willing to participate, also to my surprise. I learned however a few things from this teaching experience in the gym, one was that i have to be a little bit louder when i speak to the children in the gym, i still haven't hit that peak yet, another thing i learned from this is that i should get more familiar with the kids names instead of just pointing to them, i should be able to call out their names if i want their attention. One more thing that i took from this experience was that i should utilize the chance to bring or provide visual aids as much as i can. I noticed that the use of visual aids had perked the kids up and grabbed a hold of their attention and increased their curiosity in the games that provided visual aids. All in all i had fun, and the experience went a lot smoother than i thought it was going to turn out. Like always i have fun participating with the children in different activities and games, and this week in lab was no different.   

Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween St. Mary's (Halloween lab 4)!!!!!


Today was a great time at St. Mary's, i was able to observe my peers teaching and watching the children participate in a variety of games. I found that many of the students felt that they could have used more variations in their games that they were teaching, all in all most people thought that their game went well and that the children understood their directions. Some teaching techniques that i observed was that many students used loud and clear voices when they presented their games, and Bree even mentioned that she had used a whistle and it really drew the children at St. Mary's attention. The use of the wistle really made the students more attentive and willing to participate. I was able to teach a Halloween song to the students and they really had a lot of fun with that as well as close the lab today with a "Happy Halloween St. Mary's" cheer. I was able to play with the children in the gymnasium, i was giving rides on the scooters, and all of the children thought that was great, i have to say, my arms are pretty tired though pulling them around. All in all lab today went really well and like always, i as well as the children had a blast with today's lab. I felt that all of our students who taught games and presented an activity did very well and had a lot of fun.

St. Mary's Halloween Lab (lab 4)

Interviews: This week at St. Mary's i had the pleasure of observing my fellow lab classmates when they were teaching their games to the children and was able to observe the delighted reactions from the children.

How do you think your game went?

Bree: "I thought it went well, they listened and had fun, everyone was enthused and it was a good way to release the built up energy."
Ian: " I thought it went well, happy with how the children participated."

What could you do to improve your game?

Bree: "more variations, instead of just putting more and more balls into the game i could mix it up with different variations."
Ian: " I could be louder, and i could have waited longer for the children to be settled down and quiet before playing instead of just jumping into the game."

What teaching techniques did you use in your game?

Bree: " The whistle worked really well, it got all the children to be quiet and settled before playing the game."
Ian: " Tried to be loud, i lowered to their level by getting down on one knee and speaking to them in their terms."