Wednesday, September 29, 2010

St. Mary's Day 2 was a Great Learning Experience

St Mary's week 2 was a great learning experience.

Today at St. Mary's was a lot of fun with pirate theme week. We had some of our classmates dress up and use props for games that they were teaching to the children. I played with the pre- k group on the playground, then we went into the classroom and had snack. After snack we went into the gym and we played and taught our games to the pre-k group. They had a blast and really enjoyed playing. One learning experience that i would definitely take away from week 2 is that you cannot take anything for granted. You simply cannot assume that a young child has learned simple fine or gross motor skills, you really have to get basic when you explain how to move in your games and really give clear cut directions on how to play various games especially with the younger groups of children. All in all for this week, i had alot of fun and i really feel that the children really had a blast playing games with us, they were all cooperative and everyone was willing to participate in our activities and games. I really saw a lot of enthusiasm from the students as well as our classmates in all the activities and the games.

Friday, September 24, 2010

First day at St. Mary's!!!!!!


St. mary's was a blast.

I really didnt know what to expect on my first step forward towards my teaching career. I was pretty nervous to tell the truth. Probably my biggest fear was that the children would react negatively towards me and not want to play with me. I was hoping that the children would be willing to participate and want to be active and run around and play...and to my pleasant surprise, the kids loved that we visited and played games with them. All of the kids that i had the oppurtunity to play games with had a blast and really enjoyed the activities. I also had a lot of fun and had a smile on my face non stop. During the first couple of weeks at SUNY Cortland, i really was questioning weather or not i was in the right profession. It was not untill that night that i knew for sure that this is where i belong. I had an awesome time and got a pretty good workout as well running around with the kids.
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Fundamental skills related to Health

Fundamental kills have alot to do with overall personal health. Walking, running, jumping are basic skills that help people participate in sports or games which help people get into shape. Running is a great fundamental skill and can be the single most important factor in getting yourself into shape. Even if you are unable to run, walking is a great way to get into shape. These skills can also be applied to sports such as baseball, basketball, football ect. You need these skills to participate in sports. Children who play sports tend to be healthy and in shape, and form better health habbits than children who arent in sports. All sports no matter what you participate in have somthing to do with movement, and when you exercise, you tend to eat healthier and form good health habbits that lead to better overall health.

Hall of Shame Games!!!!

I love to play games like dodgeball and tag just having fun, however i feel that these two games can be negative for physical education classes. I feel that tag is a great game to get you running around and active, but tag is a hall of shame game because in a traditional game of tag, once you are tagged, you are out of the game, so for the slow children or the less fit children, they are of course going to be tagged first and out of the game so they are the ones that are just sitting around the whole class. Tag can have negative aspects on self esteem for these children, dodgeball can have the same effects, once you are pegged, you are out of the game. Dodgeball can also be dangerous if someone were to get hit in the face. There can be some alternatives to these games though that would make them acceptable. For the game of tag, you could have the children that are tagged to run in place untill a non- tagged person slapps your hand, or somthing putting you back in the game, or have them do jumping jacks untill they are put back in the game. For dodgeball, you could have softer balls to play with, or make a rule that you have to aim below the shoulders, or else the person throwing the ball is out.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Are sticks in athletics a good thing or a bad thing?

I feel that young children who participate in sports with sticks such as hockey, lacrosse, even baseball or softball games can be dangerous with young children in elementary and even middle school. I know that young children have low attention spans and dont think about their actions very carefully before doing somthing, so in that sense i feel that there is a much higher risk for injuries and problems in the elementary and middle school level with the use of sticks. High school on the other hand i feel have more responsibility and think more clearly about their actions and have a better understanding on how to play different types of sports, they would also know how to properly use the equiptment for a sport in most cases as well. I would feel alot safer and more comfortable in a high school classroom with sports that include sticks than i would in an elementary class with sticks.Older children are more responsible for their actions  than younger children as well.

This is just one example of why children playing with long handled implements can be extremely dangerous!!!!!

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