Friday, October 29, 2010

St. Mary's Halloween Lab (lab 4)

Interviews: This week at St. Mary's i had the pleasure of observing my fellow lab classmates when they were teaching their games to the children and was able to observe the delighted reactions from the children.

How do you think your game went?

Bree: "I thought it went well, they listened and had fun, everyone was enthused and it was a good way to release the built up energy."
Ian: " I thought it went well, happy with how the children participated."

What could you do to improve your game?

Bree: "more variations, instead of just putting more and more balls into the game i could mix it up with different variations."
Ian: " I could be louder, and i could have waited longer for the children to be settled down and quiet before playing instead of just jumping into the game."

What teaching techniques did you use in your game?

Bree: " The whistle worked really well, it got all the children to be quiet and settled before playing the game."
Ian: " Tried to be loud, i lowered to their level by getting down on one knee and speaking to them in their terms."

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