Thursday, October 21, 2010

St. Mary's SUPERHEROES!!!!!!! (lab 3)


We are all Superheroes to somebody!!!!

Week three at St. Mary's was a huge sucess. I have to be honest, i felt a little wierd dressing up, lets just say it was out of my comfort zone walking down the street with my makeshift superman cape on. However once i entered the school, i felt like i was on cloud nine, all the children were so excited and thrilled that we were all dressed up. Many of the students were calling me all sorts of superhero names and loved my shiny red cape. I was able to talk and interact with the students through my use of costume, they were much more participant and excited to play my games being that i was dressed up and got down to their level by doing so. I was able to talk to some of the older students who were in the cafeteria group about their involvement in Pop Warner football, once i was talking about football, they could relate and i was able to talk to 4 or 5 students and get them to warm up to the activities that we were playing. I thought the games that we taught in our group went over very well and all the children had fun. They were much better understanding directions than the younger children which made the games flow more smoothly. I was able to fully explain the directions and play my game with the students, everyone participated and had fun while getting exercise in the process. Things that i found out that i could improve on however were my communication skills, by projecting my voice more loudly and clearly for the students. I also could maybee make my directions more short and to the point rather than trying to hard to explain them. I found out that the more i went on with directions the more aggitated and rambunctious they became. I eventually settled them down to finish what i had to say and play the game. For next time i have to be more precise. All in all i had a blast, like always, hanging out playing games with the children at St. Mary's and i feel that the children had just as much fun and the dressing up in costumes definitely set the mood for the afternoon.

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